Top 7 Smart Lock Myths

Smart locks have effectively proven that everything can be innovated. The locks we saw in the movies, 10-20 years ago, are a reality today… but since these locks were pretty crazy to imagine being a reality, there are a lot of myths that are associated with them, myths that a lot of people believe to be true!

In this post, we’re going to be going over Top 7 Smartlock Myths that are just that… myths!


  • Smart locks are too complicated

    A lot of people think that using smart locks needs you to be extra tech-smart, but that’s not the case at all! Smart locks are so easy to use that even young children can get used to them very quickly! This becomes even more true with biometric locks because there’s literally nothing you need to do other than keeping your finger handy, and all of us can easily do that one!
  • The locks won’t hold up if the power goes out

    Even though the word “smart locks” is usually used interchangeably with “electric locks” they’re not actually electric at all! Almost all of the smart locks available in the market today are battery powered and will easily function even when the power goes out because they don’t actually rely on the power to function in the first place! So if you’re ever worried about a burglar tripping your main switch to get into your home, worry no more! The locks will hold up just fine!
  • The locks need extensive wiring and take too long to be installed

    Just because smart locks aren’t “offline” doesn’t mean they’re super intricate to install! Most smart locks are battery-operated, so there’s actually zero wiring involved in the entire installation procedure! Even if you’ve gone for a smart lock that’s on the more complicated side, locksmith Alabaster or a recommended locksmith in your general area will be able to install them quickly and easily without a problem!
  • They’re ugly

    Just because smart locks are typically considered to be “heavy-duty” doesn’t mean that they’re always going to be basic and clunky. There are tonnes of different types and styles of smart locks available in the markets today, so you can really customize the look and match them to the overall aesthetic of your home!
  • They’re not as secure as anti-snap locks

    Different locks provide different levels of security. A lock that’s $2, won’t be as strong as a lock that’s $20, and that makes sense. The same thing applies to smart locks. If you get an entry-level, cheap smart lock, it won’t be as strong as a pricier, better smart lock! When you’re out buying the locks, just make sure that you’re buying one that has an AAA rating, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best level of security you can!
  • They’re not fit for commercial use

    Many people believe that even if smart locks work, they only work for a home or small-scale setting and that they might be a little too much work for commercial use. This isn’t true. Smart locks actually work even better for commercial settings because you can just give each employee the code, and they’d be able to enter the premises without a problem! If you’ve had a security breach or are dealing with a disruptive ex-employee, you can just update the access code and they’d be locked out instantly! Little perks like this are those that you just won’t get in a traditional lock!
  • You only benefit from them on site

    This one is false too. Smart locks come with a range of tools and features that you can use through their apps! So you can be on the other side of the world, and still have a complete log of everyone that’s coming in and out, and unlock the door remotely if needed! Something you cannot do with traditional locks!

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