Techniques to Spot Polish Water Rings from Stone

Your marble stone surfaces looked beautiful in the beginning. But now you’re noticing there are water rings on your stone surfaces. This blog post will share techniques you can use to remove the water rings from your stone surface.

What you need to know

Water rings are a regular occurrence for stone surfaces, particularly marble. It is to be noted that this is not a type of stain that is absorbed into the marble. This type of stain is known as etching, which happens because of a chemical reaction. The stains are usually lighter in color in comparison to the color of the marble, which gives them the appearance of clear stains.

However, all the stains may not be directly from water, though the stains are called water rings. The water rings are really the stone becoming corroded when the stone comes in contact with acidic substances, such as various household cleaning products, coffee, tomatoes, fruit, salad dressing, juice, and other items.

Water rings are predominantly more noticeable on polished marble. As the substance made of acidic components causes the breakdown of the thin layer of polish on the marble, it results in a dull spot. The dull spot is simply the raw marble that appears once the polish has been destroyed. In fact, the dull spot indicates that there has been some removal of the stone as some of it has decayed.

1 Use an etch remover for marble polishing

Since the dull spot is the decay of some of the stone, there will be a need to use marble polishing to cover the appearance of the dull spot. You can use etch remover to polish the marble if the mark is regarded as mild. This means that you will simply use some of the product, and then you will help restore the shiny surface of that area.

2 Get professional help

If you find that the marks on the surface of the marble are drastic, with rough spots that are noticeable when you touch the marble, you will undoubtedly need to get the service of a professional to polish the marble for you. No over-the-counter polish can handle DIY marble polishing when the marble is in such dire condition. But a professional has the expertise to handle water rings on your marble in this situation.

If the marble has a matte finish

If your marble has a matte finish, you likely will not want to remove the water rings yourself. This is a situation when you will need to hire a professional to do the marble polishing to restore your marble’s beauty.

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