Types of Unattended Death

The sudden death of a loved one is usually stressful to relatives, friends and loved ones both mentally and emotionally. A stage of grieving occurs which is accompanied by difficult realities, fears, and even depression, and then comes the challenge of cleaning up the area where the death occurs, especially if it’s at home. For such a painful condition and because of the associated biohazards with the process of decomposition of a deceased body, a professional unattended death cleanup service will have to be hired to do the cleanup. In some cases, these death cases go unnoticed for hours, days, weeks, and even months. This is what is referred to as unattended death. Usually, these death cases are discovered by strangers who then report the scene to appropriate authorities. The biohazards associated with an unattended death are usually more compared to when the death was noticed as quickly as it occurred. As such, an unattended death cleanup will always require the services of a professional. On no account should you attempt the cleanup of an unattended death.

What Comprises Unattended Death Cleanup?

Any death that has occurred for more than a few hours without getting claimed by anyone can be classified as an unattended death. However, based on the cause of death, there can be various types of unattended death cleanup.

  • Natural Death Cleanup: Most people who have been victims of an unattended death usually find it hard to identify the deceased. This is because the decomposition process does a lot to the body that it will take an extra pair of eyes to be able to know if that person was close to you or not. There is an extensive color distortion and the body fluid leaks just make everything messy. The category of deaths that fall under the natural unattended death cleanup is usually the death of frail old people who are neglected by their family members.

  • Suicide Cleanup: As the name implies, this is yet another sector that falls under the unattended death cleanup category. Most times, these people die in their homes and because of this, the deceased goes unnoticed. Professional cleaners are well equipped and trained to handle this type of unattended death cleanup.

  • Blood Decomposition Cleanup: Soon after death occurs, the process of decomposition begins to set in. For cases of an unattended death, the decomposition process is always almost complete before the dead body gets noticed. As such, the issue of body decomposition cleanup is a big issue in unattended death cleanup. Generally, the longer the body stays without getting noticed, the more it releases toxic products of decomposition. These products of decomposition are extremely harmful to the body and thus need to be treated with extreme care. Additionally, these decomposition products support the growth of bacteria around that site and this is an added health risk. Nevertheless, professional cleanup experts can attend to these cases and do an effective unattended death cleanup including safely removing the products of decomposition.

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