Surviving in the Trauma Cleanup Business

Over time, the business of offering trauma scene cleanup services have gradually picked up pace as more and more people have become acquainted with the dangers of conducting such activities themselves. They now understand the numerous risks that lie behind the unprofessional handling of blood and other bodily fluids. This has made the DE-CON industry more important and bigger than it ever was.

Asides from the physical risks, someone who cleans up after a traumatic incident, especially one involving a loved one might suffer psychological consequences later on. For these reasons and more, many companies have sprung up offering professional trauma scene cleanup services. These companies either employ and train, or employ people who are already trained in areas like blood handling, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety consciousness, etc. The employees must also have an understanding of what blood pathogens are, the possible risks they bear, and how to stay safe from them. In other words, they must know and abide by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

No doubt, the De-Con industry is a lucrative one. However, there are so many trauma scene cleanup companies out there nowadays, such that the work available on an average has thinned out. Furthermore, there are some companies that are bigger than others and they use this size to their advantage. Being bigger means that they have higher chances of attracting potential customers as most times, their reputation precedes them. These factors make it very hard for new cleanup companies to gain good grounds in the industry and earn as much as they should for their hard work. Thus, many new cleanup companies close up shop when the fierce competition in the market becomes too much for them to handle.

What Should You Do To Stay In Business?

If you have already set up a trauma scene cleanup company, or are planning to do so, consider these three key points to help you stay in business.

  • Start By Gaining Local Trust

As a newcomer in the industry, you would meet with strong competition from well-established companies who have been tested and trusted and have reaches beyond their own locality. However, chances are that locales would be more willing to call on a company that is nearer to them. Thus, you must target your marketing strategies at your own locality. If you get a job, make sure you are thorough with it, and with time, you will get more customers through referrals.

  • Choose A Good Business Name

As simple as this might sound, the name you give your business can actually affect the number of customers that come through your door or ring up your phone. When choosing a business name, it is advisable to choose something striking and that tells of what you do. This would help potential clients or referrers to easily remember your name whenever necessary.

  • Anticipate Challenges And Prepare For Them

How businesses respond to challenges, whatever they might be is pivotal to staying alive. For cleanup companies, it might be the arrival of a bigger competitor, a decrease in crime rate in the business locality, or something else. A smart entrepreneur would be able to see these challenges coming and be better prepared to handle them. So, in essence, stay sharp.


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