Myth Debunked: Police and Coroners Clean Up After Crime Scene Investigation?

This is a common misconception amongst the general public. The truth is police, EMTs, and coroners have nothing to do with cleaning a crime scene. They are primarily at the crime scene for investigative purposes. If possible, evidence gotten from the crime scene will be used to nab the culprit. There are companies that offer dedicated crime scene cleaning services. These experts perform a thorough cleaning job and leave your property as quickly as possible, ensuring you take full possession of your property within the shortest time possible.

But have you ever asked yourself, does police or local coroner get involved in a crime scene cleanup? It’s rare. Even if they do, you can never trust the job 100%. Rest assured they will do a shoddy job. So, after they are done with their investigation and left the property, most homeowners consider hiring crime scene cleaning services to help remediate their house thoroughly. No other body does it better than a dedicated crime scene company.

For some people, they believe crime scene cleaning is something they can handle, but it is not always advisable. The crime scene might be littered with blood on the floor, body fluids, and other contaminants. These harmful biohazards require more than just a mop and a bucket to get it cleaned. Some contaminants will need to be disinfected and run a test on the scene to see if the area is free of biohazards once the job is completed. This is something only crime scene cleaning services can do.

Blood spill cleans up is not an easy task, as you think it is. Blood is a major carrier of harmful pathogens, bacteria, and highly contagious diseases. Having contact without the rightful protection puts you at risk of infection. Once these pathogens find their way to your bloodstream, it means you are infected as well. A professional crime scene cleaner will most definitely disinfect the place before performing a thorough cleaning job.

Don’t consider asking your maid to clean the job. Not only does it put the life of the maid at risk, your family is vulnerable to getting infected as well. Blood and bodily fluids seep through porous surfaces, and it is not a task your maid or an amateur cleaner can handle confidently. A thorough cleaning job will require the use of hospital grade chemicals and disinfectants. This way, they have completely eliminated the risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Occupants can stay in a bacteria-free home and lead a normal life afterward.

The thing is, do not bank on the cleaning job performed by the police, local corners, or the EMTs. In the same vein, do not try to clean the affected area yourself. Instead, get professional crime scene cleaning services to take care of the cleaning job for you.

If healthy living is a priority for you and your household, do not hesitate to contact reliable crime scene cleaners for thorough remediation.


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