Hiring a Janitorial Service for Crime Scene Cleanup Could Be Dangerous

The number of janitorial companies is fast-growing, with thousands of new entrants annually. Big retail stores, commercial buildings, grocery stores, and even residential apartments use their services for major cleaning tasks. But have you ever considered if they meet the conditions and are certified to conduct a thorough cleaning job, especially when it pertains to crime scene cleanup services?

Many janitorial companies do not have what it takes to perform a thorough cleaning job when it comes to eradicating bloodborne pathogens. In addition, they lack the proper training on how to properly package and dispose of biohazardous waste. Some of these companies treat biohazardous waste like a normal waste. This is so wrong and an offense that attracts jail terms, under certain circumstances. Improper disposal of hazardous waste puts the lives of the general public at risk. To avoid any form of litigation, be sure to employ crime scene cleanup services that are experienced in this line of work.

Here is why hiring a janitorial service might cause more harm than good.

Lack of Training to Handle Biohazardous Contaminants

Janitorial cleaning services are without a doubt expert and efficient when it comes to basic cleaning regimens. But when it comes to handling biohazardous pathogens that are highly contagious, they lack the training, unlike a company that specializes in crime scene cleanup services. There are methods and ways to clean, sanitize, and disinfect affected areas.

Traditional cleaning companies use cleaning methods that are less effective in combating harmful pathogens. For example, fogging an area with a disinfectant without proper cleaning is not in line with the EPA set standards. Disinfectants will be rendered useless no matter how effective they are if you fail to clean the surface properly using soap and water.

Using the Wrong Disinfectant

There are disinfectants for every type of cleaning job. The EPA has specially dedicated disinfectants for cleaning bloodborne pathogens. These cleaning agents are deemed effective to combat the harmful pathogens found at crime scene sites. Unlike janitorial services, crime scene cleanup services ensure they follow the direction of use strictly. A professional crime scene cleanup company uses only approved disinfectants and the right cleaning procedure to get rid of harmful pathogens.

Not Properly Equipped

As a company or property owner, you should always take cleanliness seriously. Many customers pay attention to how you handle cleanliness in the workplace and would feel more comfortable dealing with you. You might be surprised to find out that most janitorial companies are not properly equipped to perform a thorough crime scene cleaning job. Improper cleaning of a crime scene can open you to liability. This can be due to a breakout of health issues amongst staff or wrongly disposing of medical waste which is a violation of state and federal law. Some technicians don’t have the right protective gear to carry out a thorough site remediation job. Crime scene cleanup services do not risk the health of their technician. They ensure that each technician assigned to your property is properly protected.

If you encounter a crime scene cleaning job, ditch janitorial companies, instead call crime scene cleanup companies


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