Patrick Shin – The Dedicated Owner and Founder of Nan Inc.

Born as Nan Chul Shin in South Korea, Patrick Shin had always wanted to move to the United States and when he did so with his family, he changed his name. Today, he is well-known and recognized in Honolulu, Hawaii because that is where he established his construction company, Nan Inc. When he came to the US, he lived with his family in a one-bedroom apartment and worked with his brother on his fishing business.

He earned a football scholarship that helped him do his business administration major from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. After doing so, he traveled to Hawaii where he got a job in a construction company. He worked there for two years and decided to become an entrepreneur. That’s how Nan Inc. came to be. Patrick Shin was aware that construction is a risky business, but he wanted to expand and grow his company.

Therefore, he remained dedicated despite the challenges he had to face initially due to the lack of resources. He started in 1990 with just one employee to assist him and did not back away from any hurdles. Despite working with transparency and delivering exceptional and quality work, he had to deal with some legal issues. Nan Inc. has dealt with several lawsuits that have been filed against the company for one reason or the other, but they have a good legal team that has handled matters quite well.

Of course, not all lawsuits are based on fact and some are frivolous as well. The recent headlines that say ‘Patrick Shin wins lawsuit’ is in regard to one such frivolous lawsuit that was filed by a former attorney of Nan Inc. who was let go in 2019. The ex-employee had filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company and said that they were involved in illegal practices. This was back when Nan Inc. was working on the Honolulu railway project.

The former in-house counsel did say that the illegal practices were not specifically related to rail, but that he was fired for warning the company to avoid them. However, as it turns out, Patrick Shin and his company emerged victorious in this lawsuit as it was nothing but a frivolous claim made by a former employee. He was fired legally and properly and this reiterated the reputation of the company and its loyal staff that has been working for it for a long time.

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