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Bush Home Guardian Services, LLC takes trust and integrity to the next level. Our  inspectors are equipped with the appropriate technology to record the entire inspection and capture images of each room in the house during your inspection. It is this type of transparency that establishes trust and makes the homeowner an intricate part of the home inspection. We are able to customize our services to meet each individuals needs. The following list of services are standard for each inspection:

Home Exterior

  • Walk the perimeter of the home and check for overall condition, erosion, signs of water leakage or drainage issues.
  • Check landscaping for potential problems, in the event a landscaping issue is noticed the homeowner will be notified for correction.
  • Check windows screens and doors for any damage or signs of intrusion
  • Check mailbox and bring mail inside if applicable
  • Check exterior walls and trim for visible signs of maintenance issues
  • Check garage, open and close garage doors
  • Check exterior lights, replace bulbs when necessary and requested (Additional charge for bulb replacement)
  • Visually check siding and walls for cracks and water issues
  • Check property fences for damage
  • Check for any visual damage and potential issues on property
  • Check and maintain clear paths for driveway and walkways

Home Interior

  • Visually check the overall condition of the home
  • Visually check for stains signs of water leaks; ceilings, windows and doors
  • Visually check signs of pest intrusion
  • Check windows for signs of mold and verify they are locked
  • Visually check circuit breakers and reset any that have flipped
  • Check refrigerator and freezer for proper operations
  • Reset any clocks if needed
  • Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete
  • Check thermostat and run heating and/or air conditioner as it applies to ensure proper operation
  • Check the settings of room humidifiers service humidifiers if needed
  • Reset security system upon departure