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When your largest investment requires the extra security and comfort while you are away; our professional services can help relieve the stress and uncertainty you may be experiencing about the condition of your property. Each inspection report includes; a detailed summary of the condition of each area, recommendations for any deficits or repairs and photos of each area inspected. The inspection report and photos are emailed to the homeowner and Bush Home Guardians will assist in facilitating any necessary repairs before they become problems.

Below is a list of base price inspection services based on home square footage and property size. There is one time new client set up fee of $50.00.

Monthly Service Charge:

  • 0 - 2,000 Sq.' Home -- $130.00 for two visits or $240.00 for four visits
  • 2,001 - 4,000 Sq.' Home -- $150.00 for two visits or $280.00 for four visits
  • 4,001 - 6,000 Sq.' Home -- $175.00 for two visits or $320.00 for four visits
  • 6,001 - 8,000 Sq.' Home -- $205.00 for two visits or $360.00 for four visits
  • 8,001 - 10,000 Sq.' Home -- $240.00 for two visits or $400.00 for four visits
  • Homes over 10,001 Sq. ' please contact for pricing.

Lot Size Price Variation Per Visit:

  •  Up to 15,000 Sq.' lot -- No Additional Charge
  • 15,001 - 30,000 Sq.' lot -- (+ $5.00)
  • 30,001 - 45,000 Sq.' lot -- (+ $10.00)
  • 45,001 - 60,000 Sq.' lot -- (+ $15.00)
  • 60,001 - 80,000 Sq.' lot -- (+ $20.00)
  • Lots above 80,000 Sq.' Please Contact For Pricing

Personal Services Offered To Our Clients: (Minimum of 1 hour charge per request)

  • Wait Services/ Contractor Oversight $60 per hour
  • Grocery Stocking prior to arrival
  • Customizable Welcome Home Services available
  • Overnight pet placement through a vetted professional at additional charge