We Are The Eyes and Ears of Your Home While You Are Away.

When a need was recognized for a professional, secure and trustworthy absentee home service in the Chicago North Shore communities; Bush Home Guardian Services was born. After years of acting as caretakers for a family members home while they were away for weeks or even months at a time, it was realized that the choices for homeowners managing more than one property were very limited. Bush Home Guardian Services is a professional home care management business. Our inspectors are retired or off duty police officers and firefighters dedicated to protecting peoples biggest investment, their homes.  Our inspectors are equipped with the appropriate technology to capture images of each room of your home. Our inspectors are also equipped with body cameras to record our time on your property. It is this type of transparency that establishes trust and makes the homeowner an intricate part of our weekly home inspection process.

Scott Bush, the co-founder of Bush Home Guardian Services, LLC, was born and raised in Northbrook. Having spent his entire life on the North Shore, Scott knows and understands the concerns people have about their homes while they are away. Scott has an extensive professional history in the fire service starting his Firefighter/Paramedic career in 1999, and also serves as the lead operator of a successful family concrete business, which has served Northbrook and the surrounding communities since his father started it in 1971.

Co-founder Alison Bush spent her early professional career building the inspection and maintenance division for a multi-million dollar fire sprinkler contractor. Alison has also coordinated sales and inspections for a privately held alarm detection company serving the North Shore and downtown Chicago communities. Alison was responsible for collaborating with multiple contractors to facilitate testing and repairs bringing buildings up to fire and safety codes. It is with this combined partnership and experience that we can bring a sense of calm to your time away.